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Made with Love

We are a family of creators – close knit and a little crazy – handcrafting goods at our workshop New York, USA. We make beautiful products from quality materials because believe each one is a representation of who we are close knit and a little crazy – handcrafting.

Abstract Prints

A clean and modern take on abstract prints design.


Illustrated Prints

Spanning the modern take fields of illustrated prints.

Featured Products

  • produkt-bitch-boss
    Limited Edition Print

    Art Kills

  • produkt-marilyn-manson-monroe
    50 x 50

    Marilyn Manson Monroe

  • Angebot!
    Fashio Police-product-kossiart
    50 x 50

    Fashion Police

    850,00 680,00
  • audrey-pop-product-kossiart
    70 x 80

    Audrey Pop

  • come as you are-product-kossiart
    50 x 60

    Come as you are

  • not-ordinary-poduct
    60 x 60

    Not Ordinary

  • Love&Kiss Kunstdruck handveredelt
    70 x 70

    Love & Kiss – handveredelter Kunstdruck

  • Dagobers Lifestyle-druck
    60 x 60

    Dagobert`s Lifestyle – handveredelter Kunstdruck


Our Story

Our story covering interesting stories around culture and design.
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